Procurement framework

Procurement in Scatec Solar supports the company’s vision, mission and strategy through fair, competitive, transparent and sustainable procurement practices as outlined in our procurement policy.


Scatec Solar expects all vendors to act in accordance and demonstrate compliance with our Supplier Code Of Conduct, IFC Anti Corruption Guidelines and EBRD Enforcement Policy and Procedures.

To read more, download the Code of conduct and IFC-Anti Corruption guidelines

Registering as a vendor

To become a registered vendor in Scatec Solar database, each supplier will need to download and complete the required forms and send them together with the required supplementary information as detailed in the supplier registration form to The verification period takes approximately 2 – 3 weeks whereby suppliers will be informed of their vendor status. Registering as a vendor does not guaranty any orders as contract are awards through competitive tendering. If you are a listed vendor it does however place you on the bidders list where the vendor’s profile will match with the scope required.

Download documents for registration:

Terms and conditions

Scatec Solar procures in accordance with standard terms and conditions for supply and services which are fair and balanced. For construction works, major supply and services, we utilize FIDIC contracts and our standard deviations are highlighted when sent out as part of our tender documents.

To read more, download the General condtions for the procurement of minor goods and services

Procurement categories

For photovoltaic projects Scatec Solar typlically procures under the following catagories for utility scale projects:

  • Modules
  • Inverters
  • Substructures (fixed tilt and tracking)
  • DC Combiner boxes
  • Cables
  • HV equipment
  • Services such as engineering, advisory such as HSEQ, geotechnical and logistics
  • Construction (civil, electrical, mechanical and high voltage)
  • Metering equipment
  • MV switching stations and reactive power compensation


Companies are invited to tender in accordance with our approved vendor list or by invite.

For any further information with regards to Scatec Solar procurement please contact