HSSE in projects

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) is a key priority for Scatec Solar. We take responsibility, set requirements and monitor HSSE performance in the development, construction and operations phase of our projects. We define and communicate the health and safety standards to our employees and subcontractors.

Our policy

  • Continuously work for zero harm to personnel, assets and the environment
  • Always put safety first, evaluate risk and secure our working environment
  • Ensure that all our business activities are conducted in accordance with applicable labour standards and fundamental human rights norms as prescribed by the International Labour Organisation and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Apply a zero-tolerance approach to alcohol and other drugs in the work environment
  • Ensure fair working hours and wages for all employees and contractors’ employees working on site
  • Always undertake risk assessments of new countries and regions we plan to enter and develop security plans based on these assessments

Our achievements and results in 2018

We delivered approximately 6.3 million working hours with no fatalities or serious injuries with disabilities in 2018. The year was characterised by significant expansion with high level of construction activities across ten projects in Brazil, Honduras, Argentina, Malaysia, South Africa, Mozambique, Egypt and Ukraine. We recruited close to 6,000 workers for the construction periods, of which the majority were local and unskilled labour.


The rate of recordable work-related injuries amounted to 4.4 per million working hours, up from 3.4 in 2017. The increase reflects our entrance into new geographies with new projects combined with efforts and encouragement for a stronger reporting culture. None of the recordable injuries were classified as serious injuries. The main types of work-related injuries are incidents that result in minor injuries such as a person hit by an object or smaller injuries from handling machinery and construction tools.


No cases of work-related ill health (occupational diseases) were registered among our employees or our subcontractors’ workers in 2018. However, six cases of heat stress due to high temperatures in working environment were registered in Egypt and several cases of malaria were also reported in our Mocuba project in Mozambique. These are not registered as cases of work-related ill health. In 2018, we kicked off a malaria vector control programme for the Mocuba project to cover all workers on site and their respective households. The programme aims to raise awareness and prevent incidents of malaria by providing control measures such as indoor residual spraying of households.