Grievance mechanism

The grievance mechanism is targeted towards individuals, communities and companies who have feedback or concerns regarding our projects. It is a channel to present issues to the administration of the projects and is directly supervised by the sustainability unit.

All grievances are taken seriously and processed according to our procedures. We aim for a maximum response time of 15 working days.

The section below outlines the process from an incoming grievance is received and registered in our system and the stages until it is resolved.

The mechanism is available at each local project site and in five different languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and French. If you have a grievance you would like to share with us, please use the form below.

Incomming Grievance:

Through grievance mechanism form on corporate website

Through Community Liaison Officer, Subcontractor or Project Manager


Receive and register grievance:

Receivers: Corporate sustainability team and Project Manager/CLO

Automatically stored in central grievance database for 5 years


Assign and resolve grievance:

Assign grievance and define solution approach (actions and responsibles)

Corporate sustainability team monitor and support


Respond and follow up:

Send response to filer of grievance with explanation of action taken to resolve grievance

Follow up on solution approach and close grievance


Grievance mechanism

As part of meeting our Social and Environmental standards, we have implemented a mechanism for individuals, communities and companies who have concerns, complaints or claims regarding our projects. This is a way to present issues to the administration of the project along with a system to solve these.

We take all grievances seriously. We will confirm receipt of your message immediately and the response time will be a maximum of 15 working days.

Please see below for the public grievance mechanism form.