Community engagement

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, both directly and indirectly. We strive to employ local labour, identify needs in local communities for our community development programmes and maintain open and transparent dialogue with relevant stakeholders.

Solar power plants have an impact on local communities. The changes are usually positive, bringing social, economic, and infrastructure improvements, but the possibility of unintended consequences cannot be overlooked. The potential impact includes physical and economic displacement, changes in vegetation and infrastructure and increased activity levels in the area. During construction, consequences such as traffic, noise and dust are considered limited and effectively mitigated where and if there are communities nearby.

We often operate in countries where the legal frameworks and governing structures do not necessarily protect the communities, we might have an impact on to the same extent as in more mature economies. Solid interaction with our project neighbours and the establishment of good relations are therefore essential. In all of our operating projects, we have local community engagement and impact assessments.

If dialogue with affected parties is not carried out in a timely and integrated manner, misunderstandings and concerns might arise in the local communities.

Since our founding, we have gained considerable experience in working with local communities in different countries. We follow the IFC’s Performance Standards when we develop our stakeholder engagement analyses and plans for all projects.


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