Aleksander Skaare

Name: Aleksander Skaare

Position: Project Manager

Worked in Scatec Solar since: 2016

Country: Norway

What is your story with Scatec Solar?
I started in Scatec Solar as a Project Procurement Specialist, with global experience in supply chain, but unfamiliar with the renewable energy sector. In supply chain, you get a broad understanding of the business model and project management and execution. Working alongside skilled colleagues on projects in Brazil, Honduras, Argentina and Malaysia, I have gained extensive experience within several areas such as negotiations, procurement processes, contract management and project management, as well as adapting to new cultures, understanding project demands and identifying business opportunities.

What do you think makes Scatec Solar unique?
Highly competent colleagues with in a very international environment. Despite being a quite small company in terms of number of employees, in Scatec Solar we develop and execute projects worldwide where other large companies are not yet established. Being a smaller company also means that we are agile, adaptable and employees have great opportunity to influence decision making.