Scatec Solar’s CEO presents at Swedbank Energy Summit 2019

Scatec Solar’s CEO, Raymond Carlsen, will be part of the panel session “Utility companies: Increasing competition and technology developments” and presenting Release – Containerised solar at the Summit. The increased competition and the technology developments are creating threats and opportunities for the traditional utility companies’ business models. Among other topics, the panel will address Scatec Solar’s recent launch of Release and discuss if the flexibility offered by such models are a threat to the utilities fixed generation model.

The 24th annual Swedbank Energy Summit themed The Transition will examine how far the global energy transition has come and discuss the opportunities and the obstacles it generates. All companies present at the event are being part of the energy transition in one way or another. Some of the topics in focus will be:

  • In what areas are Scandinavian companies leading in the energy transition and where are we lagging behind?
  • What will the energy industry look like in terms of production, distribution and disruption during the next decade?
  • What are the strategic challenges facing the oil and gas industry and how are they handling them?
  • What will different forms of transportation look like in a couple of years?

Read more about the programme here.

The presentation can be downloaded here after the event.